This place has preserved a prehistoric nature with wooden relics, labyrinths of karst caves and fossilized tracks of dinosaurs that lived there in the Mesozoic era.


Prometheus Cave

The cave was discovered in 1984 and was almost immediately developed as a show cave.Inside there are underground lakes and rivers; rather high humidity and a lot of bats, which, however, do not bother tourists, as they fly very high.



Martvili Canyon

The Martvili Canyon is a natural wonder. It used to be a bath place for Georgian Nobles, Dadiani family. Now it represents a touristic site. People visit it to enjoy the scenery, its waterfalls and take a boat trip in the river with deep green color.

Okatse Canyon

Okatse Canyon natural monument with recently built high quality tourist infrastructure – stairs, footpaths offering magnificent views to the canyon

Gelati Monastery

Founded in 1106 in the west of Georgia, the Monastery of Gelati is a masterpiece of the Golden Age of medieval Georgia, The Gelati monastery, one of the largest medieval Orthodox monasteries.

Motsameta Monastery

The Motsameta monastery was built in 11th century by the king of united Georgia Bagrat III. Name “motsameta” means place of tortured brothers. It is a small and quiet saint place with astonishing views.

Kutaisi Botanical Garden

The garden originated in the middle of 19th century and is the second of the earliest botanic gardens in the country. The Garden’s dendroflora is represented by about 700 plant species of trees and shrubs from all the floristic regions of the world.


Katskhi Pillar

The Katskhi Pillar, a natural limestone monolith, rises 130 feet from the ground outside the village of Katskhi in Western Georgia. At the top sits a church, a crypt, three hermit cells, and a curtain wall.

Monastery Mgvimevi

Mgvimevi Monastery is a double nave church built in the 8th century. Its facades are decorated with crosses and ornamental borders. Inside the church on the walls, there are mural paintings from the 8th century and the southern wall is covered with painting from the 16th century.



Batumi—the “Pearl of the Black Sea,” One of the most beautiful regions in Georgia, is situated in southwest Georgia on the Black Sea coastline.

Sairme Resorts

The famous Sairme Resort lies 950 meters above the sea just 50 kilometers from Kutaisi. The resort is renowned for its unique location, ecologically clean environment and natural hot and cold mineral water springs. There are 2 outdoor swimming pools for adults and children.


Gudauri is a ski resort located on the south-facing plateau of The Greater Caucasus Mountain Range in Georgia at an elevation of 2,200 meters above sea level with skiable area enjoying maximum exposure to the sun


The mountain resort Bakuriani is situated at an elevation of 1,700 meters above sea level in the sub-tropical zone. The snow blanket remains for 4-5 months but in the summer the aroma of the coniferous trees and other climatic factors create ideal conditions for rest and recreation.


The unique monument of Georgian architecture, rock-hewn town of Vardzia, is situated in Aspindza. Most of the rock-hewn chambers in the city were intended for residence.



Stepantsminda (formerly Kazbegi) a town in the north of Georgia, popular for the trekking opportunities in the visually spectacular surrounding mountains, its views of the mighty Mount Kazbeg, and for the beautiful view from the town of the Holy Trinity Church


Located in Upper Svaneti in the Greater Caucasus mountains, has been named World Heritage by UNESCO .The area is covered by a pine forest among white pillows. This is the best place for the fans of Glade Skiing.Svaneti is a very unique corner and culture hotspot in Georgia . The nature there is still mostly untouched and the food is undoubtedly great.

Wine Tour

Our wine tour offers a day in one of the most beautiful regions in Georgia. Archaeological findings have suggested that wine has been produced here for several thousand years. Almost every village in Georgia is well known for its own sort of wine, such as Kindzmarauli, Akhasheni, Teliani, Mukuzani. Wines are named after the places where they are produced.